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Tile Roof Painting Brisbane

Tiled Roofs

At Clean Deal Roofing we offer a free inspection of your tile roof.

Tile Roofs: Roof Inspection

There are three areas of your tiled roof that are checked during our inspections. These are:

1. The Valleys – We check to see if the valley seals need replacing. Valley seals can be worn down from storm damage or can move overtime. Debris, leaves and broken bits of tiles can block valleys and result in leaks if unattended to.

2. The Pointing – We check your pointing to see whether it is cracked, broken or falling out.

3. The Tiles – Check for any broken concrete tiles (we also offer Terracotta Roof restoration inspections) that may need to be replaced. We check the condition of the surface of your tiles. concrete roof tile (gray color) on white background

Tile Roof: Repair and Painting Process

We want to ensure that your roof is finished to a standard that is going to last. Clean Deal Roofing is a Dulux registered roof applicator (Certificate of Registration) and Dulux Acra-Tex (Next Generation Technology) is the professional roof membrane (paint) we apply to tile roofs. There is also the option of applying Dulux Cool Roof with InfraCOOL Technology.

  1. Inspection – First we inspect your roof to see if there are any issues or broken tiles that need to be replaced.
  2. Repair / Replace – At this stage we will replace any broken or cracked tiles.
  3. High Pressure Clean – We use a high-pressured clean with a PSI of 3000-4000 before applying any paint. This high-pressured clean ensures that tiles are thoroughly cleaned and prepared before
  4. Re-bed and Repointing Roof -We re-bed where necessary and re-point the ridge caps. logo-next-generation-dulux-acratex
  5. Primer/Sealer – Primer/sealer coat is applied.
  6. Paint Roof – Two coats of Dulux AcraTex paint is applied to the roof surface.