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Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration Brisbane

terracotta-roof-restoration-brisbane-northClean Deal Roofing specialises in terracotta roof cleaning and restoration. To ensure that your roof is left looking like new, adding value to your home, we follow a specialised procedure to ensure that your terracotta roof receives a high quality, professional finish that will be able to withstand our Queensland weather.

Why do terracotta tiles roofs require cleaning?

Terracotta tiles are made from clay which is a natural material. Mould and lichen can be attracted to moisture on the terracotta tiles. Moss and lichen can grow on the tiles, which if left, can inhibit the flow of rain water draining from your tiles which can compromise the condition of your roof over time. A build up of mould and lichen on your terracotta roof is not only unattractive but should be treated promptly to ensure that your terracotta roof is maintained.

We specialise in terracotta roof restorations and repairs in Brisbane including:

  • Repairing and replacing broken terracotta tiles.
  • Cleaning and restoring tiles that are faded or covered with moss/mould.

Our process for cleaning, repairing and restoring terracotta roofs:

Terracotta tiles are finished with a special glaze after tiles are cleaned which ensures that

  1. Inspection – Our qualified tradesman carry out a thorough inspection (they have been trained and know how to go on a roof without damaging your tiles) and will check for any issues. We will then sit down and discuss what we have found, using photos.
  2. Repair or replace broken tiles.
  3. Repoint – where necessary.
  4. High Pressure Clean: 
    Terracotta tiles are then cleaned using a high pressure hose (with a PSI of 3000-4000) to remove mould and lichen. Once the mould and lichen is removed, through a high pressure clean the natural colour of the tiles will be restored. This cleaning is also essential to ensure that the terracotta tiles function as they are designed to, allowing the natural run off of rain water into the roof gutters.
  5. Silicon Coat – A silicon coat/s is then applied to help protect your roof and prevent algae, mould and lichen from regrowing on your roof.

Professional Roofers:

We have fully trained, professional roofers, with over 30 years experience, who know how to treat terracotta, restore and repair terracotta tiles ensuring that your roof is restored back to it’s optimal condition to protect your home agains our harsh Queensland weather.

Note: Make sure that you only allow trained professionals on your roof. If tiles are stood on the wrong way, that can create further damage to a roof. Our qualified tradesman have over 30 years of combined experience, ensuring that your inspection is carried out with professionalism.